A Digital Solution Combining
the Power of Data-Driven
Technology with Business
Funding Advisors

A Step-by-Step Process to Secure Business Funding,
Government Contracts, & Grants

BCA Culture Services


Business Identity Verification

Most funding decisions are data-driven. Our data-driven technology will search public databases to verify your business identity and funding readiness. We check everything from business formation status to business credit to confirm your business identity before applying. Our proprietary software does the research through the same databases lenders use when making funding decisions.


Funding Readiness Report

We offer a simple, but detailed report that determines if your business is ready for funding. Our report shows you where your business is today, your chance of securing financing, and areas that need correction before applying for loans, contracts, or grants. Our Funding Readiness Report will increase your chance of funding approval by up to 78%.


Business Funding

Secure up to $5 Million to grow and scale your business. With the combination of data-driven technology and our Business Funding Advisors (BFAs). Our system leverages education, data, and real-life funding experiences to help your business obtain the best funding sources based on your goals.


BCA Builder™

Our proprietary Business Credit Builder covers every foundational step to prepare you for funding, business lines of credit, store vendors, and contract readiness! With our data-driven software, we position your business to maximize funding. Our automated software speeds up approval time, eliminates guesswork, and maximizes your funding options beyond just loans.


Business Credit Monitoring

We are partnered with business credit reporting agencies – Dun & Bradstreet, Business Experian, Equifax, and Credit Safe, so you have access to your business credit reports and scores.


Personal Credit

While building your business credit, you can also get your personal credit in top shape. We have a preferred personal credit partner offering credit restoration, coaching, and guidance to help you improve your personal credit scores.


Personal Credit Monitoring and Alerts

BCA Culture offers personal credit monitoring for all major bureaus, all done in-house.


Business Funding Advisors (BFAs)

Our BFAs work directly with your business to help you leverage funding for your business's unique needs. Our system is data-driven with a human touch. Every company has special needs, and our BFAs are verified business owners who have successfully gone through our system and have secured multiple funding sources for their businesses.


Business Plans

You'll have access to a well-crafted and customized business plan with financial projections. As you advance in your funding journey, having this is priceless for getting business grants, capital, and contracts.


Funding Application Assistance

We prepare your business for the application process and increase your chances for funding approval by up to 78%. Application assistance includes business funding readiness and verification, ensuring all required forms are complete and all the necessary documents are submitted with your funding applications.

We Have Secured

Over $75M for over 5,700 businesses

Our Mission is Simple

Secure over $3 Billion in Funding in under Five years
for Minority Business Owners

Our Process


Complete Your Funding
Readiness Report

Get your customized, tech-driven report based on 200+ data points that shows your funding readiness. This report shows you exactly which data about your business needs updating and correcting in order to maximize your funding options. This is the exact data lenders use to determine your eligibility for funding.

Get Report


Choose Your
Funding Plan

Your funding plan is based on your funding-readiness report and your unique goals. Your business either fits our Start, Grow, or Scale plan options. Our proven system saves you time, eliminates guesswork, and optimizes all your funding options.

Choose Plan


Explore All Funding

We explore all funding options and ensure that you are not leaving money on the table.

Explore Options

Be Prepared, Informed, and
Funded with our Proven Process

Be Prepared

If you're only seeking loans, you're limiting your funding options. We prepare and connect minority-owned and underrepresented businesses like yours with diverse funding options. We are your one-stop shop to access business funding, grants, contracts, and investors.

Seeking funding on your own with no experience, connections, or a clue where to begin can seem overwhelming. But you don't have to do it alone. We help you discover how to prepare for business funding; from the documents you'll need and each step you must take.

We can help you as your one-stop shop for business funding!


Be Informed

Often, minority business owners apply for funding opportunities too late as they aren't aware they exist. Partner with us today to be first to know when funding opportunities are available for your business.

  • Are you a business owner struggling to become business credit compliant with little hassle?
  • Do you know how to obtain high-limit credit cards, store cards, and funding for your growing business?
  • Are you aware of the easiest, most efficient ways to establish business credit without using your personal credit?
  • Did you know that there are contracts set aside specifically for minority-owned businesses?

Be Funded

Our proven, step-by-step system will position your company to get approved for high-limit business credit and funding without the need for personal credit.