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Secure $3 Billion in Funding for Minority
Business Enterprises in 5 Years

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Why Partner with Us?

Minority-owned businesses are the lifeblood of the US economy, providing critical employment positions and preserving the livelihoods of more than 2.2 million employed by Minority Business Enterprises, or MBEs. Deeply ingrained in their communities and offering an outlet of productivity and enterprising spirit, MBEs allow those around them to thrive and strive for better lives. Yet, for all of the benefits minority-owned businesses provide, they often struggle to make ends meet and grow within the very communities they support.

The Problem

One of the core struggles for minority-owned businesses is the acquisition of capital. They face more significant obstacles in securing business loans from local institutions and have a more challenging time securing friendly terms in negotiations. A study by Bates & Rob illustrates this grave trend, finding that minority-owned businesses, especially Black and Hispanic businesses, face higher rejection rates than their white counterparts in their funding bids.

The 2021 Federal Small Business Credit Survey backs up these results, finding that Black and Hispanic-owned businesses find the total financing they need at only 13 to 20% of the time, respectively, compared to 40% for white business owners. Even those businesses with stellar credit scores found a tougher time gaining credit from financial institutions.

An Uneven Playing Field

Multiple factors exacerbate the financing problem, namely lower credit, lower net worth, and fewer assets for minorities. The cycle quickly tightens and chokes the life of minority-owned businesses, limiting their ability to grow or expand without financing. The problem persists across the country, with minority-owned businesses shrinking or shuttering, hampering job creation, slowing local economies, and widening the earnings gap. The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the problem, eliminating nearly 41% of African Americanowned businesses. The pandemic also reduced Latino-owned by 32% between February and April 2020. The crisis is widening, but there are ways to slow it down and put minority owners back in control.

The Solution - Leveling the Playing Field

BCA Culture is helping Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Minority Entrepreneurs with a digital tool specially designed to help acquire capital, further knowledge and develop their businesses. We've helped over 5,700 MBEs secure $75M+ in funding since September 2020, and our mission is $3 billion in funding in 5 years.

We believe in partnering with influencers, companies and organizations aligned with similar initiatives.

Potential Partnerships: Banks, Credit Unions, Alternative Lenders, Investors, and Government Agencies, Creative Finance Companies, Financial Influencers, Personal Credit Businesses, Business Credit Consultants, Business Consultants

What's Better than Vetted and Ready for Funding Businesses?

You make funding happen for so many businesses. As a financial institution, healthy financial clients increase your bottom line and strengthen your company's presence.

We are so confident in our funding readiness process that you can send your clients to us and we will prepare them for funding.

Connect with a database of vetted minority business owners and businesses that have verified revenue and proper accounting records that can qualify for funding.

As a potential funding partner, you can:

  • Sponsor Live and Digital Events
  • Host workshops educating small business owners
  • Inform minority business owners of upcoming funding opportunities
Partner with Us