We offer 2 Business
Credit Programs

Business Credit Builder Software

Our business credit builder covers every foundational step to prepare you for funding, business lines of credit, store vendors, and contract readiness! With our data-driven software, we position your business to optimize funding. Our automated software speeds up approval time, eliminates guesswork, and optimizes your funding options beyond the capital.

Business Credit Monitoring

We have partnered with all major credit reporting agencies – Dun & Bradstreet, Business Experian, Equifax, and Credit Safe, so you have access to your business credit reports and scores. All your business credit needs are in one spot, even if you need to dispute items. You can even use simulators to help you better understand and build your business credit within our software.

Increase Funding Success

We specialize in helping small businesses overcome the obstacles that often stand in the way of funding approval. Here's how we can help you increase your funding success:

  • Identify and Overcome Obstacles
  • Optimize Your Funding Options
  • Application Assistance

Identify and Overcome Obstacles

We understand that small businesses face many obstacles when seeking funding, including lack of knowledge, poor banking relationships, lower credit and net worth, and fewer assets. Our team of experts will work with you to identify these obstacles and develop a plan to overcome them. We'll provide you with the knowledge, resources, and support you need to increase your funding.

Optimize Your Funding Options

At BCA Culture, we believe in optimizing all funding options to increase your probability of success. We'll help you explore all funding options available to you, including grants, loans, contracts, and investors.

Application Assistance

Did you know that over 57% of business credit applications are denied due to incomplete or inaccurate information? That's why we offer application assistance to help you prepare a complete and accurate application that meets funding requirements. Our team of experts will review and prepare your funding application, increasing your chance of success. We're proud to say that over 90% of business owners who have gone through our application assistance program have been approved for funding at their requested amount.

Let us help you overcome obstacles and increase your funding success. Contact us today to get started with our services.