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BCA Culture is a FinTech company formed in September 2020 and based in Atlanta, GA. We are addressing the national economic initiative to improve access to capital for small and medium business owners.

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What began as a dedication to service and educating others has grown into a thriving business that has helped thousands of Small to Midsize Business Enterprises gain access to the funding they need to achieve the success they want since 2020.

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We started organically and reached thousands of entrepreneurs through social media, live videos, word of mouth, events, and live webinar masterclasses. As a team, we have catapulted into a leader in the marketplace for preparing small to midsize businesses for funding and then working with these businesses to secure funding.

How it works!

We have combined decades of business experience, expertise, and data driven technology to grow a full service business credit and funding platform on these three pillars: Business - Credit - Advisors (BCA). Our attention to detail and relationships with various funding sources, our cutting-edge research for multiple funding sources (such as government contracts, business grants, and investors who are looking for businesses) makes us stand out as the best in an underserved business community. We believe in service and results, because in our business, the numbers don't lie.


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Our Team

We are fully committed to improving the data, knowledge, and success of entrepreneurs.


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What We Do

We developed a secure, digital, self-directed, and step-by-step system to prepare small and medium businesses to be approved for business funding, government contracts, and grants.

  • We give businesses an opportunity to see how they look to lenders.
  • We guide and prepare businesses to apply for the right loan products and funding opportunities.

BCA Culture In the News

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BCA Culture Milestones

April 2019

BCA Culture (originally named The Business Credit Agency) was born through Facebook Live videos that reached thousands of trusted by 100+ entrepreneurs teaching entrepreneurs the importance of business credit and how to learn prepare for funding.

June 2019

We held our first live coaching classes for 25 entrepreneurs who started learning how to build heir own business credit profiles and secure credit. The first $1M in funding was accomplished in less than 30 days for these businesses collectively.

October 2019

We had our second live best coaching class with over 75 entrepreneurs registered. This time $4.5 million in funding and business credit were secured.

January 2020

The vision of BCA Culture was born. This is when the current Executive Team started to form - Darbi Alexander, Adam Ajetunmbi, Nazarene Dorsey, Michael A. Bell, II, Mike Anthony Childs, Nikita Berrian, and Chris Childs. The primary goal was to create a digital step-by-step system to guide entrepreneurs building business credit and securing funding.

March 2020

The framework of BCA Culture as a FinTech SaaS company was born. The first prototype of the automated software was born. The first phases of testing the software began. It was a very exciting time frame with late nights and lots of early momings.

September 2020

BCA Culture is born and officially incorporated. Crossed the $10M funding mark. Software in began to grow and advance.

March 2021

The first $20M in funding was achieved for over 450 business owners collectively. BCA Culture starts making an impact in the community, developing key banking partnerships and key integrations to automate our system. We assisted many business owners through the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic to stay in business and be profitable.

August 2021

The first $50M in funding was achieved collectively for more than 1,200 businesses and it was growing daily. The company grew and expanded into offering white label services, affiliate services, and business funding products.


BCA Culture is a fast-growing company focused on securing more than $3 billion in funding in under five years for small and medium business owners. We are looking to create more business and funding success for the thousands of entrepreneurs we serve.